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If you are a real ale fan The Hare and Billet is the place for you. Serving the largest selection of ales in Blackheath we have a constant rotating beer library for you to indulge. From big names to smaller, local craft breweries, The Hare and Billet has them all


Estrella 4.6%

Amstel 4%

Mortimers Orchard cider 5%

Camden Pale Ale 4%

Camden Gentleman's Wit 4.3%

Camden Hells Lager 4.6%

Hop House 13 5%

Guinness 4.3%


A selection of local and national breweries pales, milds, bitters, stouts and porters are on constant rotation.

Greene King IPA and Hare Ale are our perminent ales from Bury St Edmund's

Greene King IPA 3.6%

Hare Ale 3.9%

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